Lal Kitab Upay





Your luck will shine if you adhere to your family customs. There is a possibility to gain favours from government-related departments. You can become impulsive this year, try to maintain your nature and be as neutral as possible. Your relations with your brothers may turn inharmonious. Try to maintain peaceful equation and avoid any disputes. You are likely to encounter obstacles in day to day work. You will develop an interest in astrology, religion, and spirituality. There will be good inflow of the guests. By serving them wholeheartedly, you will attract lady luck!

Remedies & suggestions

  • Help & respect the elderly ladies
  • Feed sweet biscuits to the crows.


Your improved energy level and vigor will let you face the challenges of life boldly. You will nurture creative ideas this year. Your maternal uncles will prosper whereas your brother/s can go through a rough patch due to one or the other reasons. The business of lending money for financial gains will not be suitable for you. You will be able to control your opponents. Healthwise this will be a better year as your immunity will rise. You will be able to improve your financial position due to your hard work & courage. There are chances to go to pilgrimages.

Remedies & suggestions

  • Help & respect the elderly ladies
  • Feed sweet biscuits to the crows.


There will be ups & downs in life this year. Someone may try to deceive you in broad daylight. You should remain careful especially when it comes to your finances, gold & reputation. Your cleverness will save you whenever you fall in an awkward situation. The unmarried are likely to find a suitable match this year. Healthwise you are likely to face problems related to legs, urinary tract, and stomach. A sportsperson should remain extra cautious against injuries. Politicians will be successful in handling difficult situations.

Remedies & suggestions

  • Not to trust anybody without verifying the facts yourself
  • Pour water onto the roots of the Neem tree.


Someone may try to drag you in legal hassles. Try to sort out the matters amicably and out of the court only. You should remain grounded and down to earth to avoid any misunderstanding and confusions. There will be prosperity and your will power will also shine. You would like to change your job/profession. Politicians will be able to leave their mark but they should be careful regarding any sting operation against them as opponents are all ready to tarnish their image. Actors will shine and their work will be appreciated after July. By practising meditation & yoga, you will be able to control your negative emotions.

Remedies & suggestions

  • Wear a silver ring in the smallest finger
  • Avoid wearing blue & black clothes.


Due to Jupiter’s favorable position, you will achieve name, fame and financial success this year. Progress and building up of reputation will improve your professional prospects. Many profitable short journeys are in the offing. Your spending on life’s goodies will rise and so shall your income will also increase! Married ladies may experience difficulties in childbirth due to one or other reasons. Politicians will be able to increase their supporters. Successful travels abroad are likely to materialize after March. People in sales, marketing & modelling profession will exploit their talent potential to the fullest extent. Singles are likely to find a suitable match for themselves.

Remedies & suggestions

  • Be vegetarian
  • Occasionally feed the stray dogs.


Your friends and relatives would approach you to take advises and suggestions in the time of crisis. You are cautioned not to give unsolicited advice. Dealing in the business related to gold and teaching will not prove to be beneficial to you whereas those who are in the businesses related to ladies garments, cosmetics and wedding jewellery will flourish. Job seekers are likely to get a suitable job. Mother or mother like lady’s health may remain a concern this year. Taking sweet milk at bedtime will help you. Politicians will find themselves taking an interest in social work. First two months of the year are beneficial for the actors.

Remedies & suggestions

  • Feed a cow daily
  • Respect your spouse.


Your name and fame in the society will shine. Your faith in religion will help you during the challenging phase. Sportspersons will be able to demonstrate their talents. Understanding others, maintaining smooth relationships and resolving inner conflicts will be some of the highlights of the year. Students will be able to understand their subjects properly and will do well in their exams. Your ability to tackle difficult persons will improve. Influential persons will get attracted to you. Your financial situation will improve further after August.

Remedies & suggestions

  • Respect your elders
  • Have faith in your religion
  • Occasionally go to any temple.


You will be able to stop worrying and start living! Improvement in health, finances and social status are the main highlights of this year for you. Jupiter’s blessings will bring peace & prosperity in your life. The consultants will have many clients coming to seek their advice. You will develop a sense of business like attitude in your thinking. Your wisdom & professionalism will be par excellence. Long distance profitable & successful journey is in the offing. Politicians will be able to increase the number of their supports.

Remedies & suggestions

  • Not to wear black clothes
  • Be pure vegetarian , not to have meat & fish
  • Wear silver bracelet in the wrist of right hand
  • Whenever possible , feed cows & crows.


Domestic happiness and personality enhancement will keep you peppy this year. There is a possibility of owning assets this year. Students will do well. Overall success will be felt mainly due to your smartness in handling difficult situations and tough persons. If you looking for a job or better career opportunities, this year will give you the desired good news. Your investments will yield much more than expected returns. A pleasant long distance journey is in the cards. Some old well known & influential friend will help you solve long pending problems. Overall your social reputation will shine.

Remedies & suggestions

  • Reduce the intake of oily stuff
  • Love & feed the dogs.


Clarity of thoughts, ability to execute constructive plans and profitable investments will remain the prominent features this year.Your brilliant ideas based on plain common sense would help in bringing financial gains. May & June will bring unexpected financial gains. Married life will be very satisfactory and full of bliss. Your spouse will perform better professionally. Singles will mingle with suitable matches. Your awareness of health related issues will grow. Your health will improve & you will be able to handle emotional issues very comfortably. Those who are in service can expect a promotion/raise in salary after June.

Remedies & suggestions

  • Participate in religious programs
  • Keep toilets neat & clean.


A better understanding of the subjects, improved professional prospects and a healthier lifestyle will keep you joyful. You will become more practical. You will develop the art of winning friends & influencing people. Excellent progress is foreseen on the professional and financial front.Your long-cherished wishes are likely to be fulfilled.Your love life remains satisfactory. Politicians need to work harder in order to increase their supporter base. Artists and actors are likely to get recognition for their work in November. Housewives will be appreciated for their efforts and contribution by their spouse and relatives. Much awaited and desired family function is foreseen in February.

Remedies & suggestions

  • Be religious minded
  • Whenever possible , visit any temple.


You will strive your level best to keep domestic harmony to be the number one priority this year. There are fair chances that you will manage to have peaceful situations on the home front. You need to choose your investment options carefully. Your loved ones may desire to have some space of their own, be open minded & large hearted. Professionally, the situation will be challenging till March, thereafter you will have control over the difficult circumstances. Don’t hesitate in helping others and collecting good karmas. If you get the chance to guide a junior/ younger person, do so as it will benefit you in future.

Remedies & suggestions

  • Avoid consumption of alcohol
  • Be pure vegetarian